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At uniTEFL Thailand, we provide the best TEFL coaching that you can find. Earning a TEFL in Thailand can offer substantial benefits in landing a high-quality teaching position in the country. TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is the commonly used acronym for curricula which trains people to teach English to non-English speaking students. The best TEFL courses use a combination of teacher training as well as cultural training to familiarize newcomers with the norms and values of Thailand. These can be quite different for teachers coming from South Africa or other parts of the world. As one of the leading TEFL courses in Thailand, teachers who choose to enroll with uniTEFL Thailand have a competitive edge in the English-teaching market in Thailand after graduation.

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Enroll with uniTEFL Thailand and we will give you the most effective training available. Conventional accredited TEFL courses include in-classroom learning, plus monitored training in real-world teaching environments with feedback for teachers. However, because of the convenience of distance learning, many teachers choose to earn online TEFL certification. With uniTEFL Thailand, teachers can choose either online or in-person learning.

There are other considerations for those currently in South Africa or elsewhere abroad when choosing the best TEFL course. Thailand is a magnificent, sprawling country with an immensely rich cultural heritage and stunning natural features. From the mountains in the north, which include the ancient city of Chiang Mai, to the renowned beaches of the South, Thailand has so much to offer.

Practical Benefits of TEFL

The study of language acquisition is more involved than many realize. There are multiple theories regarding which strategies produce the best results. More traditional approaches emphasize memorization practices like listening and repeating vocabulary terms (using flashcards or other tools), sentence diagramming, or learning mechanical grammar rules like subject and verb agreement. This is typically the style of instruction that comes to mind for many who think about language training.

More conventional theories, however, emphasize “real-world” simulation and practical ability over building technical skills. An example of one of these modern teaching techniques is called the Total Physical Response (TPR) method. Reams of scientific research speak to the effectiveness of TPR. This posits that physical activity in conjunction with language and phrase learning greatly increases retention of the learned material. A simple example of this theory in action would be the “Simon Says” game, in which the physical act of touching the nose is paired with the verbal command “touch your nose”.

Students who enroll in our TEFL course can expect to understand educational theories like these. We will also help them feel confident in their ability to effectively implement them in the classroom.

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Cultural Benefits of In-Country TEFL (Thailand-Specific)

The team here at uniTEFL Thailand will also help advance your understanding of that Thai culture. Our TEFL course Thailand will also help you learn how to apply this in the classroom.

This is important because success as a TEFL instructor in Thailand depends on much more than teaching skill alone. Navigating the very different cultural waters of Thailand requires a patience and understanding that teachers can gain from our TEFL course. Acting judiciously in everyday interactions, armed with cultural training designed specifically to prepare for life in Thailand, is crucial if a TEFL instructor wants to thrive in the Land of Smiles. Thais are typically quite forgiving to foreigners who they understand to be unfamiliar with the cultural values of Thailand. However, a teacher who demonstrates cultural competency is greatly appreciated by his or her peers. Those who consistently violate the norms of Thailand, either knowingly or accidentally, risk alienating themselves.

Thailand is an exceptional nation, with a heritage all its own, known worldwide for the exceeding kindness and hospitality of its people. It has also been made famous in recent years for its delicious (and affordable) culinary options. Teachers for decades have come to Thailand with the intention of perhaps living in the country for a year or two and ended up making their lives here in the Land of Smiles. Contact the team at uniTEFL Thailand, and we can help you to settle into the wonderful nation of Thailand while also helping you to embark on an exciting and rewarding career.

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