Broaden Your Horizons Through the Power of Teaching English

Thailand TEFL with Entrust

Are you growing a little bored of life in your home country? Perhaps you’re getting itchy feet and craving a little adventure. If this is the case for you, then have you considered learning to teaching English abroad? It could just be your ticket out of your current slump and off on a grand adventure around the world.

For those of you who are hungry to experience another culture and life in a tropical paradise, teaching English in Thailand will be the best place for you to start. There are a number of quality TEFL courses in Thailand that will enable you to learn about the culture, experience the gorgeous countryside on a few trips & excursions, and then gain your qualification ready to start your new life as a teacher in Thailand.

This is the perfect place for you to learn the ropes. Most reputable TEFL schools will prepare you for teaching English in Thailand, and then guarantee you a placement in a Thai school. There you will be able to build up some teaching experience, whilst exploring the country on your weekends, and saving a bit of money.

Life in Thailand is comparatively cheap to most western countries and you will be able to live an excellent quality of life as a teacher in Thailand. And if after a year or so of teaching, you are still thoroughly enjoying yourself (which is often the case), you can start looking into exploring other countries. What about Vietnam? Or China perhaps? Teaching English as a foreign language can open up some many great opportunities for you and will enable you to experience life in other cultures. Sounds better than staying at home in a dead-end job that you hate, doesn’t it?

Learn while teaching

The beautiful thing about teaching English on the other side of the world, is just how much you will gain from it. It is so much more than just a job. You will learn a lot about yourself, other cultures, languages and so much more. When you return home even a year later, you will certainly not be the same person that you were before you left. You will feel more confident and independent, with a newfound empathy that will help you to enrich your future relationships.

Give children the tool to build a great life for themselves

The fact is that English is the international language of the world. For children living in Thailand, the ability to speak English can open them up to a great deal of opportunities. By doing your part and teaching and inspiring children to pursue the English language, you will be enriching their lives and enabling them to carve out a brilliant life for themselves.

As a teacher of English, you will take great pride in what you do. And you will have a whole lot of fun while you’re at it. Thai people are very lovely, and as children they are especially cute. Who wouldn’t want to play silly games with a room full of children and get paid to laugh and smile?