60 Hours, learn more… 100 Hours, learn more… 120 Hours, learn more…

Bronze: Online

Silver: Hybrid

Gold: Full TEFL

Platinum: Pack

This TEFL taster is suited to those ‘dipping their toes in the water of the TEFL world’, it’s also ideal for experienced teachers looking to brush up on TEFL teaching methodology. Later you can upgrade with discount to a full TEFL. A compromise for those who cannot spend a full month studying. Core theory is studied online at your convenience, but this course includes four practicum in real schools. A bonus 20 hour grammar course online is included. This is the UniTEFL certificate, an upgrade is available to get TEFL International certification ($250), and we can help you with accommodation arrangements ($150 for 12 nights). The common, universally accepted, in-class TEFL course, suitable for those who prefer to save a bit by arranging the extras themselves. This is the course you will be doing with the premium package, accredited by TEFL International and including the mandatory 6 teaching practicums necessary for full certification. Intensive four week theory and practice course. Accommodation upgrade available. With this turn-key solution, we take care of your needs from start to finish; accommodation, airport pickup, paperwork etc is pre-arranged for a stress free arrival, and you’ll be joining a fun group of weekend excursions that include a cultural tour of the city, a day in the elephant sanctuary and national park and a session of monk chat and meditation lesson for that ‘inner peace’ in front of your kids!
60 Hours, learn more… 100 Hours, learn more… 120 Hours, learn more…
Which certification: both the Unitefl certificate and the TEFL International (TI) certificate exceed the minimum expected standards for full TEFL qualifications worldwide. The TI certificate is more widely respected, being offered in 20 countries, and validated by Fort Hays University in the United States. Alumni are entitled to lifetime access to 30 centres in four continents for job seeking assistance.

Course of 1 month that will provide you the certification of TEFL teacher. It is possible to do it online, attend to class or hybrid.

Do it in any of the famous locations around Thailand and get your certificate or do it from home if for any reason you can’t come to this earthly paradise. With this certificate you will be able to teach English as a foreign language to no native speakers.

Diploma in Teaching (1 year)

Part time studies that will complete your university diploma in teaching, improver your chances for international jobs.

Complete your degree in Thailand, the land of temples and elephants. This will give a boost to your CV by having experience abroad and in the business since you will be practising with Thai students. The best choice for the las year of your degree.

TEFL and Thai Course Combo

In addition to the teaching classes, we also teach Thai language to those who are interested in learning it.

Take advantage of your trip to Thailand and learn Thai, a language from a country that is emerging quickly and has grown tremendously in the last 5 years. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn this beautiful language and enjoy the adventure in Thailand

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