Benefits Of Teaching Abroad

Why you need a TEFL certificate

When you start looking for an English teaching job around the web, you will discover that many employers list “TEFL certification” as a requirement for their posted positions. This type of accreditation is commonly desired because of the credibility it lends to the owner as a qualified English teacher. Many courses are available both online and in-person, with many offering assistance in landing a job post-graduation.

What is TEFL?

The acronym TEFL stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language”. It is a type of accreditation awarded to teachers who complete a course with a licensed provider.

The class can run anywhere from 10 hours to 200+ hours, with 120-hour courses being the most common. The curriculum is typically comprised of teaching practices, methods, and academic theories regarding language acquisition. Many courses specifically provide instruction on the destination country’s culture as well so that the teacher can gain familiarity with likely challenges they may face navigating their new social landscape. Lastly, it is common for TEFL institutions to provide several hours of in-classroom training with actual students. Here, the teacher has the opportunity to gain feedback after a real-life teaching situation. 

Testimonials are widely available from teachers who have completed TEFL courses confirming the value of a TEFL certification in training and building the confidence of teachers prior to beginning their work as English instructors.

TEFL Providers Can Help in the Job Search

Many TEFL institutions help graduates locate and secure a teaching job in the country of their choice after finishing the course. Also, most have an “alumni network” of past graduates that can offer guidance for becoming employed as a TEFL instructor.

TEFL Certification Makes a Teacher a Much More Appealing Candidate